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In computer game circles, Chris Crawford is a designer of some considerable note. He created a number of important games in the 1980s and 1990s, founded The Journal of Computer Game Design, and organised the Computer Game Developers' Conference.

This book is essentially the direct outpourings from the designer?s mind on the foundational skills behind the design and architecture of a game, or gameworld. Of course, since virtual environments, even non-gaming, share many albeit not all of the same design features, a designer lacking these skills, risk overlooking usability issues and immersion values, without which users may struggle. This is especially true in persistent VR.

The author brings an intense opinion piece full of personality and flare like no other person in this industry can. He explains the foundational and fundamental concepts needed to get the most out of game development today.

For both games and VR, the book teaches key lessons; including:

* What you can learn from the history of game play and historical games
* Necessity of challenge in participation
* Applying dimensions of conflict
* Understanding low and high interactivity designs
* Watching for the inclusion of creativity
* Understanding the importance of storytelling


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