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This book does a pretty good job of smashing the old argument that video games are harmful to children. Instead, it fills the void with statements showing how gaming can teach advanced problem solving, language and cognitive skills, strategic thinking, multitasking, and parallel processing. All of which are skills vital to survival in the increasingly technocratic 21st century.

Backed up with solid research, demonstrating the accelerated formulation of these skills, the book looks at topics such as Military use of games to teach strategy, laparoscopic surgeons who play games as a "warm-up" before surgery, and business leaders who played games growing up, to hone their skills.

The book is packed with positivity about gaming, and consistently moves to address parental concerns such as addiction, social isolation, or aggressive tendencies.

"Marc knows it all depends on how we use our games. He knows that if parents place good video games into a learning system in their homes they can reap major benefits for their children and themselves. They can accelerate their children's language and cognitive growth." -James Paul Gee, Tashia Mogridge Professor of Reading, University of Wisconsin-Madison

For that majority of older adults who have never really gotten into gaming, and don?t really understand it, this book is invaluable. Because most adults can't play the modern complex games themselves, they rely on second hand sources of information, most of whom are sadly misinformed about both the putative harm and the true benefits of game-playing. Full of common sense and practical information, this book provides parents with a large number of techniques approaches they can use-both over time and right away-to improve both their understanding of games and their relationships with their kids.


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