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VR Interfaces: MediSlate


Overview of MediSlate
Medislate, released early 2009 by TabletKiosk, integrates so many of the features of the devices that came before it. It is a Medical Clinical Assistant device or MCA. It was designed as a medical tablet PC, that could be taken anywhere inside the hospital, rested on one arm or a bed whilst notes are entered in via a touchscreen, whilst maintaining a continuous wi-fi link to the hospital itself.

It has a convenient carry-handle molded into the case itself, and a light weighty designed to allow all-day usage. The computer sports double hot swappable batteries, a water resistant exterior for easy cleaning, and a touchscreen that works whether the user has gloves on or not.

Built-in 1W speaker and stereo microphone array allow for the first time, two way audio telehealth with other medical professionals, and the unit is as happy pulling medical data from the hospital as it is sending data to it.

It is a versatile and full featured computing device that is housed in a specially sealed, semi-rugged, smooth surface case that is drop-resistant and spill-proof enabling it to be easily wiped clean and disinfected. An integrated 2.0 megapixel camera on the back of the unit allows photos to be taken of the patient's illness or injury that are immediately added to the permanent record. A built-in RFID reader enables the patient to check that the health professional is properly registered with the hospital, and for the professional to identify the patient, as well as any medical devices nearby.

An integrated bar code reader will recognize medication bar codes, whilst integrated BlueTooth will automatically communicate with medical devices hear the patient. A fingerprint reader is used in place of password access, it is rated to survive drops of up to four feet, and rated to survive immersion in alcohol.

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