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VR Interfaces: BrainLab's Digital Lightbox


Overview of BrainLab's Digital Lightbox
BrainLab?s Digital Lightbox is essentially a single-screen geowall interface. Looking like nothing so much as a vastly oversized iPhone, this flatscreen display sits long ways on the wall, and is as many display screens as the users need it to be at the time. Multiple sizes up to 30 inches in diameter are available at time of writing, as a single, seamless unit. Longer lengths would involve two or more units adjacent, and plugged into one another.

Dynamically resizing images to meet requirements, it can display a plethora of windows, each of which is treated internally as a separate monitor. This is important, as the Lightbox is a multi-touch touchscreen display, capable of detecting up to 8 separate finger presses per ?window?, and tracking them in real-time.

Aimed predominantly at the field of medical imaging, MRI, CT, X-ray data can be placed side by side on the wall, manipulated by two or more people at the same time, then actual medical controls can be called up, and interacted with in real-time. Dragged and resized as needed, to fit in with everything else. Its almost as if someone saw the film that was made out of Minority Report, and decided to create an interface as close to that as possible.

There is even a CD/DVD tray on either end, sliding out of the side of the unit, to either take new data (the Lightbox is perfectly capable of connecting to a wired network), or, with a drag and drop interface, copy information the Lightbox was displaying, to be taken off site.

Digital Lightbox can be installed in almost any hospital location?such as the OR, an office or a meeting room. It comes with PACs compatibility in-built, and DICOM can be programmed in.

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