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VR Interfaces: Barco Medical Display MD-4221


Overview of Barco Medical Display MD-4221
As HD display systems seep into everyday lives, it is perhaps unsurprising that they should be seeping into operating theaters as well. Combined with an ever increasing number of reality augmenting medical gadgets, and a steady increase in medical data interconnectivity, the need for high powered, interconnected display technology wherever patients are treated is becoming ever more pressing.

Barco entered this market in mid 2009, and have done so with a splash. The 42 inch HDTV flatscreen unit is packed with medical data interfaces. Possessing DICOM quality radiological imaging, multi-modality display (it can split into as many virtual monitors as required), a fanless design to prevent dust from flying, and a plethora of data input ports concealed behind a sterile plastic slide-out exterior. Input types include endoscopy cameras, surgical light cameras, and HDSDI, in addition to the usual options.

Perhaps uniquely to date, the display is designed to produce crisp, sharp images under excessively bright lighting conditions - such as the bright lights of a non-laproscopic surgical environment. A wide viewing angle attempts to allow the surgeons to shuffle wherever they need to be in the room, and still see the data displayed easily.

A DICOM Look-Up Table is built into the monitor's hardware in an unusual, but appreciated gesture, meaning that any medical data sent to the display using that medical data standard, is automatically colour corrected and standardised in a format the surgeon can readily understand without confusion.

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