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VR Interfaces: SportVue Heads-Up Display for motorcycle and bicycle helmets


Overview of SportVue Heads-Up Display for motorcycle and bicycle helmets
Motion Research Corporation has unveiled a Heads Up Display (HUD) for motorcycle and bicycle helmets. The SportVue heads-up display for motorcycles and other motion sports is designed to augment the rider?s vision with a continuing display of computerised data about the terrain, weather warnings, their speed, and exact location on the course, without taking their eye off the path ahead.

SportVue is a very lightweight helmet and visor-mounted heads-up display unit driven by a compact GPS transceiver.

Dr. Thomas Furness of the HIT Lab, whose technology helped develop the device, said ?SportVue represents the first truly usable and affordable application of heads-up display technology for sports enthusiasts. This is an exciting step forward in safety for riders of all types.?

Pre-production SportVue units have been successfully tested in Formula 1 and Indy car racing, on motorcycles, bicycles and go-karts.

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