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VR Interfaces: Icuiti AV920


Overview of Icuiti AV920

In early 2005, Icuiti corporation produced the V920. The first commercially released HMD/HUD hybrid. Weighing just five ounces all told, the v920 used a liquid crystal display strip embedded in a narrow tube that can be worn directly or perched on top of a pair of glasses. It incorporated a set of high-quality, detachable headphones to add sound to the experience.

At the time, Icuiti were adamant they were not going to take the design any further - this was a new hybrid, for a new market - video eyewear.

Now, in early 2007, it seems they have changed their minds, and greatly modified the v920 into three new models, each one an advancement over the original: The VR920, AV920 and DV920.


The AV920 is following in the V920's footsteps in one way it seems. It is the cheapest halfway decent quality HMD system on the market at time of launch.

The twin display units inside the case are LCD based, flatscreens, each capable of showing a slightly differing image to the wearer - the same as normal vision. It has been designed with a control pad which has connectors for just about every any mobile or home video source in existence.

The display itself, will handle HD-quality images (640x480) if connected to a TV, but, if hooked to a computer, will not display any better image quality - unlike their other models. Not recommended for PC use unless you like EGA quality graphics.

Rather than using AA batteries, the AV920 has an integrated lithium ion battery which is good for five hours of use, then must be recharged. Unlike the other models, it cannot take mains power, battery only.

The field of view is better than some of the more expensive models however. With a 32 degree field of view, you will be able to use almost a third of your natural eyesight, and the AV920 will not restrict your outside vision - so you can read a book, whilst using it, or, with difficulty, navigate a street. Driving is not recommended, however.

Cost: $349.95 (us)
The AV920 will debut in May 2007.

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