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VR Interfaces: Vuzix iWear AV 230 XL


Overview of Vuzix iWear AV 230 XL
In November 2008, Vuzix (formerly Icuiti) launched two new additions to their video eyewear range, designed to make you look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. One of these new HMDs, the AV 230XL is unusual. It's a panoramic viewer, with a 23 degree viewing screen for each eye, giving wraparound immersive vision.

It weighs the same 4 oz of every other iWear device Vuzix make, and is cheaper than most, at $200 us, but managing to offer a better viewing quality than the iWear twice the price two years ago.

The display is, like most video eyewear, a projection affair, doing its best to make your eyes feel it is several feet away, yet all encompassing. You can still see above and below the eyewear, not enough to drive, but enough to be aware of your surroundings.

The projected image is equivalent to a 44-inch display as seen from nine feet away.

Refreshingly, the 230 is stereoscopic, with a separate widescreen display for each eye, hence the considerable optics. Independent focus adjustment is possible for each eye, so if one is weaker than the other, the display can be adjusted to compensate.

As standard on most video eyewear, the earphone unit is removable if desired.

Unlike most Vuzix iWear, the 230XL is not intended for computer use, being primarily an audio-video display device, AKA head worn TV.

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