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VR Interfaces: Emperor Workstation


Overview of Emperor Workstation
The Emperor Workstation is a high end work/gaming console from NovelQuest. Priced at $39,950 USD it is not exactly within everyone's reach.

The whole thing is set up like an emperor scorpion's tail, hence the name. The top half with the monitors, lifting up and back, as the individual motorised hinges on the 'tail' function like a spine, bending upwards to allow you to sit down. The tail then lowers, placing the three monitors into an ideal working position. All three are essentially the same work area, and running any normal operating system, adapt to give you a resolution of 3840 x 2024 pixels. Inside a virtual environment, they wrap round like a CAVE view, giving you the lief side, front and right side views from your avatar, all at once.

The integrated personal computer is pretty much designed to client specification, but includes six 3D accelerator cards for maximum graphics throughput. This hardware sits in an integrated bay, under the seat.

A 5.1 surround sound system surrounds the user, with speakers above the three 19 inch monitors, above and behind the head as well as under the seat to give a feeling of immersion.

The whole unit rocks back on its base, to provide the optimal comfort position for any given user. It also rotates 360 degrees around the base to avoid nasty glare. A HEPA air purification system and air conditioning is built into the tail to deliver purified, clean air at all times. Blue light is even included, built into the tail over the user, to try and fight stress. Inbuilt webcams microphones, ipod docking stations and a cornucopia of cable adapters complete the package.

It may sound like overkill, but the Emperor is the latest and most advanced in a long line of 'as much as possible' full immersion pods.

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