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VR Interfaces: MedTab


Overview of MedTab
MedTab was created in 2007 by Emano Tec, Inc. it has the notable distinction to date of being the only Medical Clinical Assistant device or MCA, that's not a clinical white for easy cleaning. Instead, the case is jet black.

The company announced it, by boasting that the device could be thrown down onto concrete with force, and survive a drop of three feet, without damage. It also weighed in at less than one lb, and had a 12-hour battery life on a full charge. Integrated GPS allowed the devices to be tracked.

Notably, it lacked a camera, so unlike its competitors, no images of the patient's illness or injury could be taken. Additionally, it was very small, small enough to be slipped into a coat pocket, which meant it was far more likely to be stolen than any of its competitors. Also unlike them, the MedTab had data ports. Audio ports and an internal fan meant the device had holes in the case, so unlike all of its competitors, it could not be immersed in water, and did not qualify for high sanitation environments.

Whilst Bluetooth was included, the device did not automatically integrate with other medical peripherals, using the connection for data transfer out of the device only. Additionally, it had no text input function via the touchscreen - handwriting recognition only.

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