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VR Interfaces: MediClient Panel PC


Overview of MediClient Panel PC
Created at the end of 2008, the MediClient was the brainchild of Kontron AG, in Munich, Germany. It is a Medical Clinical Assistant device or MCA.

Unlike most of its competitors, MediClient does not have a convenient carry handle moulded into it. Instead, it is more designed to be carried under one arm on short distances rather than carried about all day, or frequently passed around a busy lab.

Like most such devices, it is fanless, with no case holes, allowing it to be accidentally immersed in water without complaint. Rugged, it can be dropped from several feet, without damage.

Scalable up to the Intel Celeron M processor with 1.0 GHz, the cost-optimized Kontron MediClient 104 features up to 1024 MB of RAM and a Compact Flash socket plus an optional 2.5 inch HDD for data storage. No camera being present is a serious omission, as are the lack of BlueTooth and RFID technologies.

The 800x600, 10.4 inch SVGA touch display easy-to-read bright (230 cd/m²) TFT touch screen, which is usable with gloves and stylus pens, is resistant to disinfectants and detergents.

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