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Endoscopic surgery - exploring the inside of the body through probes with minimal invasiveness, is practically designed with tele-operation in mind.

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Surgical Simulators
In a strange twist of logic, endoscopic surgeons are starting to benefit from the technologies used in flight simulators. The task at hand is the development of a surgical simulator for minimally invasive surgery, that uses the standard endoscopic tools the surgeons would use in an actual surgery, and will use VR technology to add in full sensation.


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Using a novel robot-assisted endoscopic technique, a team of surgeons at Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, has successfully treated 200 consecutive patients with thyroid cancer. The minimally invasive operation, which h...

Intuitive Surgical has announced a new da Vinci robotic endoscopic system. The da Vinci? Si? system sports high definition 3D video.

This includes advanced 3D HD visualization with up to 10x magnification, offering surgeons a...

(Press Release) Cleveland, Ohio, United States (UPI) -- A Case Western Reserve University scientist in Cleveland says he`s developing a way to use virtual reality simulation to train brain and heart surgeons.

'Simulation is ...

Given Imaging out of Yoqneam, Israel is releasing a new version of PillCam Colon, an endoscopic capsule designed for imaging of the large intestine. The PillCam COLON 2 has recently received European approval and was just unveiled at the Ga...

Endourologic procedures (Endoscopic operations on the urinary tract) have benefitted greatly from virtual reality training, according to studies by Dr. Oliver Reich, of Munich Germany. Discrete data such as from this study is sorely needed...