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Virtual Reality taught at University once more

In an interesting point worthy of note, it seems that Virtual Reality development courses are once again being offered at university. Recently, VWN was made aware of Building Virtual Worlds (BVW), a project to build immersive virtual environments which require a head mounted display (HMD) to view, placing the user firmly inside the world, as it should be.

BVW was first offered at the Carnegie Mellon University under the guidance of Professor Randy Pausch, in Autumn 2004, and was created to force interdisciplinary teamwork as much as anything else. Students from a range of courses were taken in, each with a single skill they excelled at. This skill could be Modelling, Painting, Programming, musical composition skill, Storyboarding or Production tracking.

Individuals with these disparate skills were then grouped together, and expected to work as one, to produce a final VR world.

Annoyingly, it seems, as best as was possible to determine, the VR worlds in this particular course, were scripted only. No interaction was evidenced, but of course, it is early days yet. All project work was designed for hi-res Mpeg video, to maximise the experience.

Further information and examples from this course can be found here:
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