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Augmenting and Expanding is a category dedicated to Augmented Reality.

The world is slowly becoming more and more augmented. Computers are leaking out and embedding themselves everywhere, controlling all sorts of things. RFID tags are spreading, and interlinking, creating new networks.

The humble mobile phone is changing, growing, becoming the hub for a distributed network that is changing our very world, and bringing the augmented reality planet closer with every breath it takes.

Here, we catalogue and chronicle the developments, showcase the available products and their capabilities, demonstrate to you, what is possible, and where we may well be heading.


Future worlds (4)

Virtual world(lets) continue to evolve at an increasing pace. There are many hurdles in their way, but the rate of development across different fields is staggering. What might the future eventually hold?

Here, in our 'future worlds' section, we strive to bring you realistic visions of the future of truly escapist realities.

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Scientific Realism
Theory of Objects taken to its scientific extreme says that every real object has physical properties that do this,that, and the other. This opposing argument for virtual objects as being the same, points out that everything we 'know' about many physical objects is actually inferred from theory, and we 'know' little at all.

Shrek is a lovably disgusting ogre, who lives alone in a swamp he calls home, in a rotting tree stump, covered with moss, and a lot of far worse things. He is mean, he is nasty, and he is alone.

Let?s not forget Donkey, the most incredibly aggravating talking donkey in the universe to date, who fits in ? or not ? somehow. Shrek?s storyline is downright hilarious in parts, deeply meaningful in others, and immersive throughout.

Two disk special edition.

Shrek 2 takes off right from where Shrek ended. Shrek and Fiona are now married, and our first images are the camcorder-style glimpses of their honeymoon, the two of them larking about in total married bliss, having a wonderful, romantic time. Unfortunately, the honeymoon is over, the two of them return to the foreboding image of married life as the film opens, with Donkey having house-sat for them, and done absolutely nothing save make himself at home. If the piles of unopened letters, dust-covered furniture, and dead plants were not enough, a messenger arrives at the door, to proclaim that the King and Queen of Far Far Away ? Fiona?s parents ? would like to meet Shrek...

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The Intelligent Internet
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 04-07-2004. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? A thinking, anticipating internet, solving its own problems, delivering what we ask for, even before we ask, with us wherever we go, helping, communicating, keeping us in touch at speeds beyond anything that's come before.

Travelling without Moving (1)

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Being There, Now...
Through neural interfaces, it will be ultimately bepossible to record all of a person's senses about the area they are in. That leads to 'being somewhere else, now' in which a user can experience life at a beautiful locale, or historic discovery through the experiences of another - without going there themselves.