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Much of the latest development in VR is through the gameworlds ? MMOs and MUDs, whose purpose is entertainment, more often than not. EverQuest, Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, the list goes on and on. By treating VR as a game, they have amassed a great following, and have taken themselves beyond the status of games, and into something more grandiose ? VR lives.


EverQuest (3)

One of the oldest MMOs, and one of the largest. With close to a half million people participating in the land of Norrath, and the economy of a small country, EverQuest has to be seen to be believed.

Exactly what it appears to be; a card with a serial number on it. Used to pay for an EverQuest subscription, three months at a time.

This trilogy pack is the starter kit for Everquest. Containing the latest patched version of the basic client, together with the first two expansion packs; "Ruins of Kunark", and "Scars of Velious".

World Review: Everquest
World Review: Everquest welcome screen
Everquest is by far the largest MMORPG available right now with something in the region of 430,000 players, almost 120,000 of whom might be online at any one time. Now nearing five years of age, the original Everquest world of Norrath has been added to with the introduction of a fair few add-on packs such as Shadows of Luclin, or Velious Scars.
Special Client Required

Child-Safe MMOs (3)

Child safe worlds are an interesting subset of worlds. Those which prevent, or at least greatly reduce the risk of abuse of the system. Restricted parsers, limited volcabulary, all sorts have been tried, to remove all possibility of worry.

Runescape, Java-based virtual gameworld. Like a stock MUD, it has all the elements, but at the same time, all the handicaps. Fun in the beginning, it soon becomes all-absorbing, as stock levelling treadmills expect more and more, just to stand still.

Picture-slideshow of the first MMO designed to be child-safe, and actively designed for those of seven years old and up, ToonTown is a creation of the Disney corporation, packed full of their trademarks, yet still coming across as a non-commercial, happy, jolly place.

World Review: RuneScape
World Review: RuneScape welcome screen
Runescape is basically a massively multiplayer Diablo like game with RPG elements. It has some clever twists thaty set it apart, such as the panning display, and incredibly intuative interface system, but ultimately ends up lacking.

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City of... (2)

City of Heroes, City of Villains, City of whatever... NCSoft's expanding City series are designed to interlink and inter lock, whether as individual gameworlds, or a single, complete environment.

City of Villains is the long-awaited sequel to City of Heroes. It casts you as a super-villain in a large metropolitan city. First and foremost a combat-edged experience, battle other super-villians for control, or plan and commit treacherous plots. Kill would-be heroes, and cops, terrorise innocent bystanders, all on your quest for domination.

City of Villains is the long-awated sequel to City of Heroes. This card entitles you to a copy of the client, together with a 2-month (60 day) prepaid subscription.