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 SimTecT 2007

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Date posted: 20/07/2006

Monday 4 June ? Thursday 7 June 2007
Brisbane Convention Centre

The major theme of SimTecT 2007 is "Simulation - Improving Capability and Competitiveness."

Simulation provides a key tool for designers, regulators and users to deliver better results in today?s increasingly competitive environment.

Growing the regional simulation industry is the core objective of the Simulation Industry Association of Australia. Fostering skills and technology, seeding collaboration, informing customers and governments, and demonstrating the outstanding capabilities of the simulation industry are all vital elements of the SIAA strategy: SimTecT encompasses them all.

The themes of SimTecT 2007 include:
Simulation and Training Technologies
Synthetic Environments
Policy and Management

With the world class technical program, world class exhibition and world class venue, SimTecT 2007 is the highlight of the region's simulation calendar.

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