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 From Animals To Animats 9

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Date posted: 06/09/2009

25-30 September 2006
CNR, Roma, Italy

Also known as:

The Ninth International Conference on the

Animals to Animats, otherwise known as SAB, is a conference held every two years, and dedicated to copying behaviours of natural animals and insects, for use on artificial versions, helping us understand the originals better and create realistic artificial life.

It brings together researchers from ethology, psychology, ecology, artificial intelligence, artificial life, robotics, engineering, and many other related fields, seeking to bind the disciplines together.

The main goal of the conferences is to drive understanding and ability to reproduce the behaviours and underlying mechanisms that allow natural and synthetic agents (animats) to adapt and survive in uncertain environments.

In short, starting with natural animal behaviour, transferring that to alife, in order to recreate adaptive, reasoning, and even natural intelligent behaviour of non-humans to artificially created animals and servant agents who can then adapt to changing environments without being explicitly programmed to.

Definition: Animat

An animat is a synthetic animal with an artificial intelligence. It may or may not be particularly smart, and it may or may not be physical robot based. They are intended to be able to adapt and survive in uncertain environments the same way that animals can ,and are a major thrust of Alife research.

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