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 Uber to share data to help ease city congestion

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Date posted: 12/01/2017

Uber is launching a website outlining how its cars move around cities, in an effort to appease city authorities who have long called for more data sharing.

It will provide data on dozens of cities from next month, to all users of the website. The firm had previously said that sharing such information could jeopardise passenger privacy.

However, the company is not offering an aggregate data stream, nor providing any formatting for the data. It is just the movements of each car as it goes about different cities. This has led to some objections, as this type of data is pretty much the opposite of what city authorities have been asking for, as well as actually making it easier to track and trace individual journys - so long as you know where the pickup occured and what day/time, it should be quite easy, even with anonymised data, to work out where individual people went, using the system as offered.

The US National Association of City Transportation Officials in particular was less than thrilled at the prospect, due to the nature of the data and the way it will be offered.

"It's great that Uber is recognising their impact on transportation congestion in cities and trying to provide information," said Scott Kubly, vice-president of Nacto. "However, what they're offering is not consistent with what cities require, nor is it in line with national best practices."

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