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 Motion-sensitive laptop developed

This story is from the category Sensors
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Date posted: 02/05/2007

BT have created a motion-sensitive tablet PC laptop. It has been designed to respond to a user when moving the machine up or down, side to side, or forwards and backwards.

BT researcher David Chatting said: "We want to give people access to services in as simple a manner as possible.

"PCs are still very complicated. We are interested in the older user who is slightly fearful of this technology. The PC, monitor and mouse puts them off."

He said the idea was to make using a computer as easy as using an Etch-A-Sketch toy.

The system can be used to read through books or documents, turning pages with a simple flip of the monitor.

Maps could be read by tilting the screen up or down, left or right, corresponding to moving the map north, south, west or east.

Adam Oliver, head of BT Retail's age and disability research, said it could be useful for "someone needing to use their laptop in conditions where trying to type or manipulate a tiny keyboard is tricky or where they are unable to use both hands."

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