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VWN Legal Issues

Hosting Copyrights

VirtualWorldlets.net believes strongly in promoting innovation and discovery. The present trend in copyright law is designed to stifle this. Therefore, our policy is that any author, artist or programmer submitting their work to this site shall retain full copyright to their original work. That said, we do insist on three non-negotiable caveats:

  1. VirtualWorldlets.net is granted permission to maintain two (2) copies of any work that is intended for on-screen display. One of these will be displayed as part of the site, the other as a printer-friendly varient, lacking the majority of the site menus. Both copies will remain unaltered in informational content, and style, except for the modifications outlined below.

  2. By contributing work to our site, the copyright-owner acknowledges that they are consenting to the hosted work being made freely available to the public for any use excepting any the copyright-owner states explicitly against, on the work itself.

  3. Should the author conceed the copyright to their work to a third party at some future date, VirtualWorldlets.net remains entitled to display the work unless specific arrangements have been made by the copyright-owner at time of submission to the site, stating otherwise.