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A cyborg is traditionally defined as an organism that is an integration of artificial and natural systems. That does not have to mean the cyborg is physical.

A humanoid avatar figure, directly modelled from digital readings of a physical human form, transformed into a photo realistic, animated avatar, controlled by a human mind, meets the definition of a cyborg.

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Cyborg athletes ? part organic, part machine ? are slowly, surreptitiously creeping into being. From simple biometric monitors and augmented reality display systems, to sprinters with no legs.

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The Eyeborgs
It would be years before Borg, the cyborg, walks the streets. But accidents have forced two individuals to consider implanting eye-cams in their prosthetic eyes.

A speculative, low scientific content book, focussing on the humorous aspects of life with humanoid robots, cyborg mixtures and pure humans. It examines current technologies up to the end of 2008, and then draws conclusions about possible futures based on sci-fi in film and novels.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Cyborg Watchers
This still from Animatrix: Matriculated, shows something that may well be in our future. This solitary pair, one human one monkey, sitting by the sea shore, are both cyborgs, wired together in an intimate network of friendship, closer than any pure physical bond.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: A Cash Machine Spouse
In the film, this is the first time we meet one of the cyborg women for what they really are - what they have become. Almost mindless, controlled robots. This repeats the message that any upgrade, or augment to the body and to the brain must always be consented to by the person receiving it, with full implications understood. If it is not, you risk turning a person into what is seen here: An appliance of convenience.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Robo Dog 3000
Here we see the lovable disaster area that is Robo Dog 3000. As we find out much later in the film, Robo is a cyborg, much like the other members of Stepford. AA champion terrier's brain plus a minimal life support system, is hidden inside that shell, and hooked to considerable neuroprosthetics. This allows the dog to behave and think like a normal dog, whilst appearing to be fully robotic.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Cyborg Sensory Controls
Here we see a control room deep in a bunker complex. On one of the screens in front of the operator, a live video feed has just opened. What is perhaps unusual about the feed, is it is coming directly from someone's brain. A small monkey in a bio-jar, next to the woman it thinks of as its friend, family, loved one, has just noticed two decidedly unfriendly shapes surfacing out in the ocean, presumably having walked along the sea floor. Its eyes have focussed on them, and its brain processed the images.


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A new site, calling itself Cyborg Web Shop has launched, offering all manner of plausible augments for the human form. Upgrade your eyes, your larynx, your brain?s neural circuitry, smog filte...

The human brain may be able to include cyborg implants in its representation of the body. When we use tools, our brains incorporate them into the mental body map, researchers at University of Claude Bernard in France have found.

Gold leaf doesn't grow on trees, but it can now harvest power from the Sun. A team of US chemical engineers has extracted photosynthetic molecules from plants and attached them to thin sheets of gold, creating a photosynthesising cyborg.

Engineers have been attempting to gain control of insects' bodies for some time, to act as discreet spies or to take advantage of their advanced sense of smell to detect chemicals or explosives.

To do this, researchers impla...

Part of a mission to create robots that are good at exploring planets independently has European scientists sending a primative 'cyborg' to explore Spain.

Researchers at the Centre for Astrobiology near Madrid kitted out a ...