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Portals are 3D polygonal constructs a user can pass through in a virtual environment, to teleport to a new area, or execute code. Portals can be considered the 3D equivalent of an icon.

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Second Life to help real schools
Mainstream news portal BBC news has picked up on the trend of using virtual environments to teach. They are only a handful of years late to notice this. Their podcast covers Second Life as if it was the only example, but still worthy of note as to the increasing use of VR in education.

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Saya The Gynoid ~ Telepresence and Automated Teacher
Saya is an older gynoid from Japan. Developed in 2004, her initial role was as a robot receptionist. Since then, her development has improved to the point of a classroom assistant / telepresence portal for pre-teen education, and she is being used as such.


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Known as the OneGeology project, it will poo...

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